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What we do

AI in simulations

Development and delivery of neural network potentials, advanced sampling methods in simulations.

Predictive maintenance

In Manufacture the amount of available data is increasing as never before. Let us make sense of them.

Part of ESA BIC incubator

Company is a part of ESA BIC incubation center with a project regarding advanced simulations for flows.

Martin Šípka, CEO

Beginning as a programmer, later a developer of simulation software for automotive industry and even later a leader of a data science and AI team. Understanding current need for data sciencists and ML experts, Martin founded EigenSpace, to apply AI where it matters.sipka@eigenspace.ai

Andreas Erlebach, ML expert

During academic career on MFF UK Jakub authored several papers on ice moons of Saturn and Jupiter in order to better understand them before planned NASA missions. In EigenSpace he applies his deep knowledge of algorithms and mathematics as a machine learning expert.

Lukáš Vacek, Modelling Specialist

Skilled in numerical methods and computer simulations, Lukáš is our modelling expert. His experience ranges from accurate aeordynamics simulations to traffic models.

Andreas Erlebach, AI in chemistry

Oobtained his Ph.D. in 2019 in the Computational Materials Science group of Prof. Marek Sierka at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.Currently at the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry of the Charles University in Prague, he collaborates on delivery of machine learning potentials for industry.

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